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Drag Race Transmissions

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If you need a transmission that can handle the abuse of slicks and VHT on hot asphalt, we can take care of you.

Check out Scott Bakken's wheels-up launch on slicks at Irwindale Raceway. KCR Transmissions keep performing pass, after pass, after pass under the toughest race conditions. If you'd like to go rounds without failures, contact us for the right transmission for your application.

T1 Swing
3.88, any 1st - 4th ratio, Super Diff, chromoly retainer, German bearings, German synchros, Gusseted case, & KCR's meticulous race prep $3399 with exchange *See note 1

3.88, any 1st - 4th ratio, Super Diff, chromoly retainer, German bearings, German synchros, Gusset case, & KCR's meticulous race prep $3399 with exchange *See note 1

Options for Type 1
Aluminum Spool, Swing Axle Add $300
Aluminum Spool, IRS Add $425

New 4.57 r/p with Weddle 1st - 4th, Super diff, chromoly pinion retainer, German bearings, German synchros, & KCR's meticulous race prep $3450 *See note 1

Options for Bus IRS
Bus to bug adapter gear carrier (Allows for the use of better shifting T1 shift rails & nose cone. Includes gear carrier and machine work to case) Add $400
Aluminum Spool Add $475
Chromoly diff cover (for Super diff) Add $219
ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing) diff Add $1400
Pro Shift 2nd Add $375
Pro Shift of Slick Shift 3rd/4th Add $495
Gusset case Add $175
Folts Axle kit to convert from IRS to swing axle U-joint style Add $1395

R.E.M. Polishing


Although the result of the REM(tm) process is a beautiful finish, it is Important to realize that the system does not polish the part. The process involves two steps. The first, referred to as the refinement process involves a chemical interaction on the surface of the part. A soft, thin (one micron) film is formed on the surface of the part. The part interacts with the ceramic media in a special vibratory tub, this film is physically removed from the "peaks" of the processed part and the "valleys" are unaffected. The chemically induced film re-forms only at the peaks that are interacting with the vibratory media, and the process repeats itself. Over time, the peaks are removed, leaving only the valleys, producing the improved micro finish. The second step is referred to as the burnish process. After the required micro finish is achieved, a mild alkaline mixture is introduced. After a relatively short period a polished, chrome-like finish is produced. In addition to the polishing effects, this step effectively removes all traces of the film formation from the refinement process.

The Benefits Are:
  • Reduced Friction, Vibration, & Noise
  • Improved Shifting
  • Longer Life
  • More power to the wheels
  • Reduction in Lubrication Temperature
  •   $300 per Transmission

    * Note 1 - Price includes Weddle Sportsman 3rd & 4th gears. Some ratios have higher prices. Please inquire for pricing
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