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Basic Options
* This is a general list of options. Please inquire for special needs.

Ring & Pinion Upgrades
4.37 Klingelnberg R/P (4.37 for keyed 4th gear) $225
4.37 Klingelnberg R/P for IRS (4.37 for splined 4th gear) $275
4.12 Klingelnberg R/P $225
4.12 "O" R/P (when available) $350
3.88 R/P new, good for stock or very mild performance applications $350
3.88 R/P used German, good for high performance applications $350

Additional Options
3.78 1st gear (Super Beetle mainshaft) $249
Chromoly pinion retainer $60
Additional H/D side cover $80
Rhino case $475
Gusset case $175

Differential Options

Super Diffs
Swing Axle $225
T1 IRS $260
T2 IRS (002) $400
T2 IRS (091, 094) $450

Automatic Torque Biasing Diffs
Swing Axle (Please inquire for pricing & availability)
T1 IRS (Please inquire for pricing & availability)
T2 IRS (002, 091, 094) (Please inquire for pricing & availability)

Limited Slip Diffs
Occasionally available. Please inquire for price and availability.

Labor Only Rates (Rebuilding of customer-owned transmissions)
T1, Split-case trans (crash box) $395 (plus parts)
T1, Bus Swing, T3 $350 (plus parts)
Bus IRS, 002, 091 $450 (plus parts)
Labor to R&R axles and tubes, T1, T3, swing axle $150 (plus parts)
Labor to R&R axles, tubes, reduction boxes for Bus swing $200 (plus parts)
Mendeola, MD4E, MD-2D $500 (plus parts)
Mendeola, MD-5 $600 (plus parts)
Mendeola, S-4-S, S-5-2 Call for labor (plus parts)


We ship UPS daily

* Please note – UPS will accept up to 150 pounds per package. All VW transmissions (without axles) can be shipped UPS. Mendeola transmissions may also ship via UPS.

Customers may choose to use their own shipping company, provided they provide all necessary paperwork. KCR will charge for shipping supplies only.

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